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A Nice Day

May 16, 2011

Teacher Musings:

I wish more days could be like today.  While today wasn’t stellar (the weather was crappy, several D block students were off task, etc.) it was one of the days that reminds me why I love teaching.  For various reasons I did not do much direct instruction and the day was really centered around students reading and/or writing and discussing their reading/writing.  Today I got to see one group debate the existence of God, I heard ninth graders explain how their world view shifted as a result of hearing from community workers and I sat with a few students as we slowly read and broke down a complicated text.  Today was a day where I facilitated and conferenced.  Today was a day when I asked questions instead of answering them.  Today was a day when we were thinking in room 201 and B34, and I was learning with students.  And I was very content.  This is what teaching should always be.

Yummy Stuff:

Tonight we enjoyed White Bean and Barley “Risotto” from Vegan on the Cheap.  I am loving this cookbook, especially the numerous one-pod dishes that combine several hearty ingredients.  This dish included white beans, barley, kale and mushrooms.  It is nice when all that good stuff fits in one dish, since easy clean-up is crucial, especially on a Monday night!

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