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21st Century Teacher

June 9, 2011

Teacher Musings:
Here is how I know I am a 21st century teacher.  While I was updating one of my blogs, I received a student phone call.  While I had a three-way conference call with two students about their work, I e-mailed them sentence starters and other notes to help them with the papers they were working on.  While I was on the phone with these two students a third student e-mailed me a paper and then found me on g-chat and asked if I was able to download his paper – which I was.  This is all after I spent the weekend setting up my teacher facebook page, twitter account and site to try and use next year when I have students doing reading logs exclusively online.

So someone tell me why the major crisis in my C block today was the lack of pens and lined paper.

Yummy Stuff:
I’m pretty wiped out from the week, the conference call and the heat, so I will just leave you with our menu this week:

  • Falafel in pita bread with cucumber yogurt-sauce and cucumbers and tomatoes
  • Pasta with pesto and roasted asparagus
  • Tacos
  • Sushi
  • Lentil Soup
  • Udon, Kale and Mushrooms in Miso Broth
  1. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know, but I just saw a proposed budget from an HHS ad hoc committee that included a line item ‘$50 for pens and paper’. That’s a lot of pens and paper, especially for a short-lived committee. What do you suppose happens to all those leftover supplies?

  2. I would be very happy if someone sent the leftovers to my room! I wonder what the committee needs them all for?

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