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Vegan MoFo! (Oh, and some teacher stuff)

October 1, 2011

“What is that strange heading?” you ask as a loyal blog reader.  Well, October is a special month – it is the Vegan Month of Food!  Vegan bloggers all over cyberspace are blogging almost daily about the joys and practicalities of being vegan, and, as a Vegan MoFo-er, I’m joining in the fun!  I thought it would also be nice to use this opportunity to share some teaching strategies I use.  I usually blog about my reflections and thoughts about teaching, but lately I’ve noticed that I get a lot of views from people who seem to be looking for teacher tools.  So, this month is going to be all about tangible teacher tools and voracious vegan appetites!

Strategy Session:
This year I’m trying to find more ways to connect to my students, and I’ve decided to harness the power of Facebook!  I have my own facebook account with my own grown-up friends, and I don’t want my students to be my friends until after they graduate from high school.  But I still wanted to connect to them on Facebook, since many of them are on the site when they should be doing their English homework.  So, I searched around and figured out how to create a Teacher Page on Facebook.  Basically, it is like a business page – similar to the one you go to in order to “like” your local bakery, your favorite band or the awesome new diner that just came to town (shout out to Veggie Galaxy!).  Here are some of the perks of a Teacher Page:
– Students who like you will see your posts, but NOT your personal account
– You cannot see students’ personal accounts, walls, posts, etc. even if they “like” your page (because, let’s be honest, there is a lot about their lives that I shouldn’t really know).
– Students are ON Facebook, so it is a great way to pass along reminders, links to interesting sites or extra-credit assignments.
– If a student posts a question to your page, the question and your response can be read by all your students – who probably also have the same question

How to do it:
1) Log into Facebook with your regular login and go to
2) For a Category choose “Artist, Band or Public Figure” (go for it – this is your chance to pretend to be a rock star!)
3) Then, in the drop-down menu, choose “Teacher” and give yourself a name.  Mine is Ms. L-P – I recommend something that isn’t your full name.
4) Continue with the options (like profile picture, etc.) as you wish.  Then, you will have your page!  To switch between your personal account and your page, all you have to do is click the downward facing button on the top right corner of Facebook and choose “Use Facebook as a Page.”  Do the same thing to switch back to your personal account.

Vegan MoFo:
Well, all my favorite bloggers (Cadry’s Kitchen, Vegan Planet, Post Punk Kitchen, etc.) are on board for Vegan MoFo.  Be sure to check out the whole blogroll list!  Many of these awesome bloggers have great ideas for daily “themes” during the month.  But I’m going to be real with you – I’m a teacher, I’m a mom, and it is October.  My goal is just to post, not to worry about themes.  So, just be prepared for a variety of posts that range from discussing how I became vegan, to sharing my favorite quick-meals, to posting menus from my favorite vegan restaurants!

Today’s Post – what is in our (packed) vegan fridge today?

LEFTOVERS: A dinner’s worth of leftover squash and potato stew (we will eat this for dinner, along with biscuits, on Monday), leftover creole hoppin’ john, leftover salsa rice and refried black beans, quinoa, pizza dough, Vegan Gourmet Cheese, olives and almond meal cookie dough

CONDAMINTS/COOKING BASICS GALORE: mustard, ketchup, Siracha sauce, tamari, mirin, nooch, curry paste, relish, vegan mayo, Earth Balance butter, yeast, tomato paste, tempeh and tofu.

DRINKS: ginger ale, Long Trail beer, OJ, homemade almond milk, soy milk

VEGGIES: kale, dandelion greens, onions, carrots, bell peppers arugula, salad greens, squash, tomatoes, grapes, mushrooms, cabbage, celery and cauliflower.

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  1. That sounds like a fridge full of awesome!

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