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The Gradebook Perspective and Apple Cake

October 16, 2011

Strategy Session:
As my student caseload sizes have crept up (from 45, to 70, to 96) I am developing (or remembering) strategies that help me keep track of where my students are in an attempt to prevent my most needy, and quietest, kids from falling through the cracks.  One of my best – and most basic – strategies is using my gradebook.  Specifically, I occasionally decide on a “red flag” for an assignment (with thanks to Robyn Jackson).  It might be just students who missed a particular assignment, or students who scored lower than a certain amount.  Based on the need I decide on a intervention.  It might be calling the homes of those kids to let the parents know about the missing work, making the students stay after school, finding them in the lunchroom, giving them a graphic organizer for the next assignment, etc.  This allows me to target kids that I might otherwise miss.  Not a revolutionary concept, I know, but it is a simple strategy that I fall back on when I’m feeling really overwhelmed by how much my kids need me.

Vegan MoFo:
Cookbook celebration time!  My all-time favorite cookbook/vegan book author (and also the inspirational speaker who pushed me to finally make the vegan transition) is Colleen Patrick-Goudrou.  Her first cookbook, The Joy of Vegan Baking, is my go-to book for all vegan desserts.  These recipes never fail to impress vegan and non-vegan alike, and they are really easy to make!  Tonight we are enjoying German Apple Cake (since I’m not allowed to make any dessert without apples until we make our way through our apple picking stash!).  Enjoy pictures below, and go get this fantastic book!


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  1. That cake looks amazingly good!

  2. It is sooo delish! Thanks for the comment!

  3. The German Apple Cake looks delicious! I’ve been tempted to make it as I’ve passed over it in JOVB, but somehow I haven’t quite done it yet. You’re right, this is the perfect time of year for it.

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