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Summer Learning for Teachers (A “Best Of”)

July 14, 2015


What better time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate than the summer months, with their long days, warm nights, and time away for the daily grind of teaching? Here I have collect my top four posts related to summer learning and professional development for teachers.

The Top 4 Reasons why Summer’s Off Make Me a Better Teacher. Check out this post to discover the “4 Rs” that make me a stronger teacher in the fall, even when I put ALL my work away for the month of July!

Of course, many of us also do more official summer professional development. For my thoughts and learnings about that, check out my Summer Professional Development post. You will also get a bonus summer recipe here!

One of my favorite parts of summer is summer reading of course. I read during the summer for so many reasons, but check out one of the most important ones in my post Summer Reading – For English Teachers. You’ll also find a bonus recipe here that will help you use any summer greens you might have!

Finally, I reflect on the benefits of my summer learning in this post I wrote last fall about Learning to Trust My Past Self.

Enjoy some reflections on summer learning! And if you are inspired, leave a comment about how YOU are learning this summer!

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