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Teaching Writing: The Top Five

August 1, 2015

Teaching writing is a complex task, rife with tension, nuance, and significant challenge. I have written quite extensively about teaching writing. I have shared my successes, as well as my struggles, and have found that the act of writing about writing has helped me develop my thinking. Today I’m going to share this all with you! Here are my top five posts all about teaching writing.

#5: Process and Product

In this post I explore the tension between teaching the process of writing, as well as evaluating writing products. This is not a new tension, but I always realize something valuable when I explore it! And read all the way through for a bonus chili recipe!

#4: Essay Triage

Have you ever gotten close to the end of an essay assignment about a book, only to realize that most of your students are writing really poor essays? This is the post for you!

#3: The Five-Paragraph Essay

Do you think you should teach students how to write a five-paragraph essay? Or do you hate the five-paragraph essay but feel pressured to make sure your students still write a few of them? Here are some of my thoughts, experiences, and suggestions for dealing with the dreaded five-paragraph essay.

#2: Four Reasons to Switch to Holistic Rubrics Today!

The title says it all! Check out this post as you are revising your rubrics for next school year!

And the number ONE post about teaching writing . . .

#1: Writers’ Moves (and how they move writers)

Writers’ Moves are the cornerstone of my writing instruction, and the one thing I would tell any new teacher to use in their classroom. Also one of my most popular posts about writing!

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