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  1. I think it’s hilarious you are an “English Teachin’ ” vegan who spells the word ‘ingredients’ wrong on the Yummy Stuff page. Hah. ingrediants. Seriously?

    • Thanks for catching that. (I’m assuming your comment came from a place of kindness). As soon as I read your comment, I remembered fixing that exact error about a year ago when I re-did all my categories. Apparently I didn’t update it correctly.

      Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog!

  2. I love your blog!! It’s such an inspiration for me because I am finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in English education and recently switched from being a vegetarian to vegan. I enjoy cooking and trying to turn non-vegetarian foods to vegan. I couldn’t help but laugh when you said you have a hard time answering people who ask, ” what do you eat?” Lol!! I find it hard to answer that question because I pretty much eat the same foods that they eat, except vegan style.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments! It’s so exciting meeting another English person and vegan 🙂 I totally know what you mean – people are always so surprised by all the things vegans eat! I’m so happy you found my blog and I’m excited to read yours. Thanks for the great response!

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